Beach life

Published by on 3. March 2023
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Furustrand has its own small beach and Ringshaugstranda as its nearest neighbour. It is known as one of the Oslo Fjord’s most beautiful sandy beaches and is suitable for children. Ringshaugstranda is marked with the Blue Flag for good beach environment and water quality.


The beach is known for its fine sand and calm water, which makes it a popular place to swim in the summer.

The beach is also surrounded by a large lawn, which provides plenty of space for sunbathing or playing ball games. In addition, there are several benches and tables that can be used for picnics or barbecues, as well as toilets and a kiosk that sells snacks and drinks.

Ringshaugstranda is also a popular place for kiting and windsurfing due to the good wind conditions in the area. It is also possible to hire equipment and take courses on the beach if you want to try these activities.

Another popular activity on Ringshaugstranda is to go for a walk on the beautiful coastal path that runs along the beach and further around the whole of Tjøme. Here you can enjoy the view over the Oslo Fjord and the surrounding islands, and see boats sailing past.

All in all, Ringshaugstranda is a great and versatile beach that is suitable for both families, couples and water sports enthusiasts.