Furustrand, Tønsberg and Vestfold offer many experiences and activities for the whole family. You will find us on the beach by the Oslo Fjord with all the joys it offers for young and old. If you want a bit of city life, Tønsberg is just a short drive away, with its rich history as Norway’s oldest city founded before year 871. There are also great hiking opportunities with Furustrand and Kyststien (a coastal path) as starting points.

Visit Vestfold

Vestfold is a region full of experiences and activities suitable for everyone.

The coastal path

Furustrand is a great starting point for trips in the area. The Karlsvika-Vallø coastal path winds through Furustrand.

Beach life

Furustrand has its own small beach and Ringshaugstranda as its nearest neighbour.


Fishing is a very popular activity for young and old here at Furustrand, all year round.